About directory.algo

The aim of directory.algo is to list everything with utility on the Algorand blockchain, and to unearth team details where possible and appropriate.

My main motivation for starting the directory was to protect Algorand users and investors, by encouraging the leadership teams behind projects to reveal themselves. I’m active on Twitter, announcing new projects I’ve added to the directory and trying to persuade teams to identify themselves, if I think they ought to.

The directory began life on Google Sheets, then Airtable, and now it’s a website. I am absolutely not a coder, so it’s very basic right now and there are things I’m not entirely happy with – but I hope over time it will grow into something better.

How do I submit a listing?

You can submit a listing for consideration using this Google Form.

How can I contact directory.algo?

You can get in touch by email or on Twitter:

Email: tom@directorydotalgo.xyz

I also tweet in a personal capacity at @AlgorandTom.

Is there an official directory?

There used to be, but the Algorand Foundation quietly dropped it in early 2023.

Why should I trust this website?

Well, you shouldn’t really – at least not blindly, anyway. None of the information provided on this website is financial advice, and it’s all freely available elsewhere.

You should always do your own research before you make any decisions, especially when it comes to where you put your ALGOs. I try to audit the directory as often as possible, but there are a lot of projects on here and things can change quickly, so please bear that in mind and let me know if anything is inaccurate or out of date.

I hope the site helps you explore the Algorand ecosystem and find the information you need. If you spot an issue, or have any feedback or suggestions, please get in touch.

How is the directory funded?

The site is run on donations. If you’ve found it useful and would like to contribute, please send ALGOs to directory.algo – thank you.

Algorand's unofficial ecosystem directory